Friends of the Minories

The Friends of the Minories is the name of the association of supporters of the Minories Art Gallery. We have been organising fundraising events for the gallery since 1976. Our aim is to support the Minories by maintaining its walled garden and to provide the opportunity for mostly local people to become involved in the cultural life of North East Essex and of the many visitors to Colchester.

We support the work of Colchester Institute Fine Art  Design Department who have recently taken over the Minories. We are also supportive of the Colchester Art Society who will hold its exhibitions henceforth in the gallery, thus restoring its reputation as a showcase of excellent East Anglian creative works.

The Friends organise 4 to 5 events each year, mainly visits to places of interest, thereby enabling members and friends to contribute towards the upkeep of the Minories garden with its 18th century Gothic Folly. Both garden and Folly are registered with the Essex Gardens Trust of which the Friends are group members.

Dear Friends

As many of you will be aware the Minories Galleries are now closed after being hit by financial hardship resulting from the Covid-19 Lockdown. The tenants, Colchester Institute and Wilkin and Sons, made the announcement on the 3rd of June. 

The Institute has almost three years of lease to run, after which it is unclear what will happen. Until the situation is clarified, the Friends of the Minories committee will continue to support the maintenance of the Garden at the Minories.

We would be enormously grateful for your continued support, which the Friends of the Minories need more than ever in these circumstances. So please renew your subscription in July as usual. We are still planning a visit to Copped Hall next year as well as other events. 

Until then we will keep you informed of the developments at the Minories. 

With very best wishes from all on the Friends Committee.

Evelyne Bell - Vice-Chairman of the Friends of the Minories